Encore منتجع في ريونيون

Epic Birthday Fun

Host an Unforgettable Birthday Party at Encore ملتجأ!

Celebrate birthdays with our customized menus! Discover a delicious array of choices that you can order in advance so you can spend more time having fun during your Orlando vacation.

Birthday Menu Options

$25++ per person and $14++ per child (2–10 years old)

حزب بيتزا


حفلة راقصة

  • * All birthday packages include plates, cutlery, napkins, cups, choice of soft drinks or lemonade, and birthday cupcakes.
  • ++ All packages are subject to a 26% service charge and 7.5% sales tax and require a minimum of 20 guests. An extra fee will apply for parties of fewer than 20 guests.

أماكن حفلات أعياد الميلاد

تتوفر خيارات الأماكن الفريدة لتناسب احتياجات احتفال عيد ميلادك الملحمي.

جناح الجانب الشرقي

السعه: 42 guests (seated), 100 maximum with rental seating

ويشمل السعر:

الحديقة المائية

السعه: ضيوف 150

ويشمل السعر:

  • ** Pricing includes venue and its existing furniture only. Additional fees apply for any rentals required.

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